Studio 70

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‘Studio 70‘ A collaborative practice initiated by Laura Roberts, commonly involving Vic Vivarelli Colonna, Georgia Clayton-Jeeves, Olga Paczka, Francisco Zhan, amongst many others, 2014-16, London and Tuscany.

But What the Fuck is ‘Studio 70’?

Studio 70 is an anarcho-communist artist collective, interested in work, play, education, labour, community building and collaboration as art practice, food’s ability to bring us together, skill-sharing, and the art school as a site of resistance.

Notable projects across three years of working together include a week-long pasta-making project, including a giant sheet of lasagne, homemade giant pot, and spoon, culminating in an open fire-cooked dinner in a New Cross back garden, a midnight graduation ceremony, complete with custom made caps and gowns and a muti-colored tent open to all on Goldsmith’s backfield, multiple takeovers of a house in Lewisham Way to hold group exhibitions and workshops including sunflower planting, crochet and linocut printmaking and four iterations of our summer trip to Italy.

35mm film images from ‘Studio 70: Summer Residency Commune Thing, Year Two: The Unkempt Wenches Of The Wilderness’ 2015, Apennine Mountains, Italy. This project is a three-week self-directed residency in a ruined mountain house, living wild and primitively without electricity, running water except a lone tap, toilets, refrigeration or home comforts. We cook on an open fire or in the wood fired pizza oven, eating, living, and making work together. We sleep dormitory-style on airbeds in rooms looking out on the stars without windows. We forage blueberries and raspberries on hikes up the mountain, gather firewood, take trips to the waterfall, organise our day according to the sun’s path across the sky, solve problems through discussion and each lead a day, delivering workshops to the group, sharing artistic or life skills or developing a work and leading a discussion. In 2015 the project was for 13 people and included projects surrounding ceramics and kiln building, batique, bread making, yoga and natural tie-dye.